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Woman's Touching Way of Honoring Her Late 'Soul Dog' Makes Us So Emotional

Pet owners who have gone through loss know all to well that you never forget your fur babies. They'll always have a special place in your heart and you'll never, ever forget them, especially if their your 'soul pet.'

A lot of owners might get a special painting of their pet or print out photos to remember their besties. We love these ideas, but TikTok user @lauren.c.mcgauley's unique way of honoring her soul dog is something we've never seen and it's absolutely bringing us to tears. 

Wow, this is insanely beautiful! Such a unique and special way to remember her soul dog. And it's so sweet to think that her dog will be getting this message as it reaches the rainbow bridge. Ugh, here come the tears! 

TikTok users are crying at this clip too. "This is beautiful...they will forever be missed and forever apart of us! 💙🐾," said @withmrsgrace. We believe that with our whole heart! @Alexia Zimmerman added, "What a beautiful tribute ❤️🐾." One of the most beautiful things we've ever seen! 

@dontyounwish232323 commented, "I miss my soul dog. This is amazing. You got my heart crying this morning. In special memory of all those angel dogs that are now in heaven." Our hearts go out to all those who have lost their soul pets. May we always remember our angels! 


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