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Woman 'Keeps' Neighbor's Cat After He Climbed Over Her Fence and People Are Here for It

A woman's feud with her neighbors has gone to a whole new level. But we are here for her high amounts of petty. TikToker Leah Mendoza (@simply_leahmez) was not feeling her neighbor's attitude when her son accidentally sent a ball to their house — but it was what she did to retaliate that really has people laughing. 

You never really want to get into a beef with your neighbors, but sometimes it has to be done. As the TikTok creator explained in her now-viral video, "My neighbor won't give me my son's ball back. I take it we're now keeping things that come over our fences sooo..." the video's text overlay reads. And you really need to see what she's keeping. 

The cat! "His name's now Tom and he's the most pampered cat on this street," she joked in the caption. 

The video has since been watched over 338,000 times and people were in the comments section were cracking up. "Tom seems fine and happy to me! Tom's fine, it's fine, everything's fine!" @tracischultz1 joked. "I feel cats most of all would understand petty behavior and be supportive. So it makes sense he chillin," @katkatkat365 added. "Cat looks up calmly 'you guys are going to fight over me? I'm OK with this. I mean I am perfect," @rogerslovesdodgers quipped. "Brilliant, I’ve got my neighbors cat as well, she just walks in does her snooping for food then leaves lol," @jamesreilly273 wrote. 

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Here's hoping that Tom was eventually returned to his rightful owner — at least in time for the kitty to have his dinner.

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