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Woman’s Confession About Leaving Her Cat for Vacation Hits Home With Pet Parents

Oh, the things we do for our fur babies. Buying their own furniture, spoiling them with treats… even leaving vacations early to be by their side! That’s exactly what one loving pet mama did when she found out her sweet kitty was having separation anxiety, and honestly, we’d do the same!

This whole debacle was revealed on Papaya the British Shorthair's TikTok account,, but has already touched animal-loving hearts around the Internet. It's so relatable to see a doting pet owner drop everything for their best friend, but nothing beats the moment when they're finally reunited. Just look at this happy kitty's reaction!

We can't decide who we love more: Papaya or her mama! This duo clearly has an unstoppable bond, and we wouldn't have it any other way. How could anyone not fall in love with this playful kitty? We think commenter @raresandres said it best. "If I had a cat like that I would be the one with separation anxiety!" Us, too! 

Of course, some viewers were brave enough to say what we were all thinking. "TAKE UR CAT WITH U MAN" wrote @taomisu, though any veteran pet parent will know traveling with an animal is easier said than done. There are many ways to keep a feline contained while on the go, from crates to strollers and even walking. 

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"I had a cat like that too so I harness trained her and we went everywhere together," @jfdlas shared. As much as we'd love to see precious Papaya strutting around the neighborhood, her mama thinks she's most relaxed at home. She wrote, "I wish I could take her with me but she hates changes or new environment 🥺." It's a hard choice, but she was doing what was best for her fur baby. We understand!

Still, that kitty's appreciative reaction to seeing her mom has us all in the feels. "GIVE HER TREATS NOW!!" demanded @mustycrustyx. We second this proposal! A vacation may have had to end early, but just look how happy Papaya is to see her mama. That's love!

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