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Woman Loses Her Dog Picking Up Her DoorDash and Their Reunion Is Everything

A woman on TikTok is sending out an urgent warning after an incident involving her dog and a DoorDash delivery. As video shared by TikTok creator @md_max100 shows, she had gone out to pick up her food with her Yorkie Max in tow. Little did she know, Max was still outside after she closed the door and for a moment there it really did look like the worst had happened.

The terrifying video has been watched over 3.5 million times and is a good warning to always, always, keep an eye on your dog. The footage shows the owner going out to get her food from a DoorDash driver, not realizing that Max was trailing right behind her. But things got really scary after @md_max100 went back inside and the pup was left outside by himself. "The time you almost lose your dog grabbing your DoorDash," the owner wrote in the video's onscreen text.

Some people criticized the owner for not being more attentive. "Who leaves the door open knowing they got a dog?" @nninaninaa wondered. "Being unaware of your surroundings can put your dog in danger," @got.leche agreed. "Owner definitely should’ve been more attentive," @heres.lele chimed in.

And other people thought the driver was to blame. "How [did] the door dash just floor it?" @a2b2c50 asked. "He really said not my problem," @username.org21 noted. "Why did he drive away so fast?" another commenter, @habibi_706 wondered. 

Luckily, this story has a happy ending. In a second part of the series, @md_max100 showed Max's incredible rescue. The owner eventually realized that Max wasn't in the house, but thankfully he hadn't gone far when she went outside and spotted him. "Max’s 30 seconds of independence. This was an emotional reunion," @md_max100 wrote.

"Max is saved!" she added in the video's onscreen text. "The streets were not for him." 

Thank goodness for that!