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Unlikely Way Woman Learns Her 'Lost' Cat Was Actually Euthanized Is Something Else

One of the hardest things to do as a parent is breaking the news to your child that the family pet crossed over the rainbow bridge. It's hard enough as a parent to say goodbye that you can't even imagine what it would be like for your little ones. That's why some parents decide to share a little white lie. But sometimes, the truth finally comes to light. 

A woman recently got hired at a vet where her parents used to take their cat. That is until the cat "ran away." This employee's parents told her that the cat runaway back in 2017 and she always thought that was the case. But being a curious cat owner, she decided to look up the cat's history anyway. And in a TikTok video that has over 3.3 million views from @kjwiththethunderthighs, she found out the very sad truth. You'll be at a loss for words when you watch this clip!  

O.M.G. We feel exactly like this woman who found out the truth. We don't know whether we should laugh or cry! As tough as a decision it is to put down your pet, the woman understands why her parents did it. She wrote in the comments that the young cat was very sick and had multiple mass removals the same year. She added that she would've made the same decision. So sad!

"The fact that she was not a small child and her parents still chose to lie 😂that's love 😂," commented @Maura Sullivan. The daughter might not think that's the case, but it is! They didn't want to break her heart even if she was not a little kid. LOL! 

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And how do you think the mom felt when she found out her daughter got the job at this specific vet? @thebronxbully wrote, "When she got hired mom was like 😳." LOL! She must've thought the truth was going to come out. @revetuedeforce added, "I bet she was STRESSED when you got this job 😂😂." You think?! But apparently, the parents are still denying it. They can't go back on their word now. LOL!

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