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Video of Woman Meeting Her New Golden Retriever Puppy Gives Us All the Feels

Do you remember the moment you met your dog? Whether it was an introduction between the bars of a kennel or a surprise on Christmas morning, the first few minutes of friendship are some to remember. 

Just ask @carlyxhudson, who recently added 'dog mom' to her list of titles. Her introduction to pet parenthood was like a scene out of a movie! The TikTok user introduced her followers to Captain, her Golden Retriever puppy, by sharing the moment she met her new fur baby at the airport. Needless to say, we're already reaching for the tissues. 

Welcome home, little buddy! We can tell from this video alone that Captain is going to have a life full of love, treats, and lots of snuggles. Isn't that what every dog deserves? 

According to @messsweety, though, this pup may have been getting some love before he even met his new mama. "The way that guy delivered him," she began, "you KNOW he’s been cuddling him inside and has now gone to cry his eyes out ☹️." That's exactly what would be happening if we'd delivered the pup!

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Now that he's with his family, though, Captain and his paw-rents can get to the fun part. "You are going to have the best friend you could ever ask for 🥰," @gailtink said, and we couldn't agree more. Just look at those snuggles already! 

If you think you can't handle any more cuteness, you may want to brace yourself--there's a Part 2 of this precious video! After Captain got the chance to meet his mama and get past his scary airplane adventure, there was only one thing left to do. It was time to meet Dad!

Okay, that's officially too cute! 

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