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Woman Wakes Up From a Nap and Is Shocked to Find Mystery Animal in Her House

Everyone likes a magic trick. Everyone that is except one woman, who was surprised when she woke up from a nap and realized she had not two, but three cats in her home. What in the world?! Don't worry, we aren't exactly sure what was going on either. And now the internet is invested in unraveling the mystery of the third cat.

Chloe, or @crazycatmomma3 as she goes by online, was puzzled when she woke up from a nap one day and found a stranger in her house. "Woken up from my nap...I have two cats..yet I seem to have three cats at the moment," the video's onscreen text overlay reads. "You are not my cat!" she told the mystery kitty. "No, you're not. You are my cat. You are my cat. You are not my cat," she added to the group. The mystery cat didn't want to acknowledge what Chloe was saying however and had the funniest reaction to being called out for trespassing. 

  Over 1 million people also wanted to know who the mystery cat was. "I'm now invested to see how this wee one gets along," @furbabymum5 admitted. "The way he turned and was like I am now," @lilbbish0 kidded. "Least they aren't fighting 'n stuff that's cute they just accept him," @xxgeorgiag95xx pointed out. "He’s a stray and your cats have been waiting for the right time to sneak him in cause they know once’s he’s home he ain’t leaving," @carolweatherall41 guessed.

Later on Chloe's page, she explained that she's decided to keep the new cat and even named him Billy Big. "You're my new cat!" she exclaimed in a second video. 

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And while she couldn't exactly say where Billy came from, she did give an update with some clues. "No one on my local cat page knows him or owns him. He apparently goes round to other people's home and eat their cats food," she explained. 

Welp, we guess this was Billy's lucky day!

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