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Woman's Story About Saving Dog She Predicted Rescuing As a Child Is Giving People Chills

Some things are simply meant to be. Many pet owners feel like fate brought their fur babies to them--and they're probably right--but one dog mama has solid proof. This coincidence is so accurate and heartwarming that people swear it was no coincidence at all. 

When @beccamerritt64 first rescued Micko the Belgian Malinois, she had no idea she'd predicted it as a child. In fact, he was only a few hours away from euthanasia when she rescued him from afar, so she was over the moon with relief. But when her mom sent her paintings she'd made as a kid, everything became all the more meaningful.

It really was meant to be, there's no doubt in our minds! Honestly, it's hard not to get a little emotional thinking about the long journey these two souls took to find one another. Becca had been looking for her heart dog her entire life, and now he's finally with her. 

Much to no one's surprise, commenters were thinking the very same thing. "I have chills," wrote @mpduede. "That’s your soulmate!"

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"He really is…🥺🥰" replied Becca. Aww! We know that's how most pet owners feel about their babies, but their journey really proves it. We're totally with @c_a_r_o_b who said, "Why did this bring tears to my eyes?" Because it's the perfect love story, that's why!

Becca's experience with Micko isn't the only fate-appointed pairing. @cerocerocece commented, "This happened to me too. I picked out a black stuffed animal with floppy ears, and 10 years later he was my best friend. They are our angels

We love a rescue story with a happy ending. It's crazy to think about how close this duo was to not being together at all. Honestly, the first video doesn't do it justice!

We cannot give Becca enough credit for standing up for Micko and what she knew was right. She worked so hard to bring her baby boy home, which only goes to show how loved he is. 

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