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Woman's Emotional Reaction to Adopting a Rescue Puppy Has People Choked Up

Adopting a pet is one of life's greatest joys for an animal lover. Meeting your furry soulmate and knowing you'll get to be with them for a long time fills a hole in your life that you may not have even realized was there. One woman got to experience this feeling recently and the video of this moment after the adoption is so lovely.

TikTok user @barbaroundtheworld recently shared a video of a video of herself and her new rescue puppy. In the video, she is holding her new pup against her chest and petting him when she is overcome with emotion. This is such a tender moment between a new family, and we can't help but tear up as well. Check out the video for your daily dose of sweetness!

Awww, we are so happy for these two! We can tell they already love each other and will be the best of friends for a very long time. Everyone deserves to find their soul-dog!

People in the comments are so happy that these two will be providing each other with so much love. @cheer_mom1 said, "Looks like instant love for both of you." Another user, @dad_life2010, commented, "So stoked for the two of you! Instant bond, super adorable." These two will be inseparable very soon!

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Others were so happy that this sweet baby was adopted and got emotional over the rescue. @cabbyla commented, "He doesn’t want to let you go... thank you for saving him," and @user8533032896196 said, "You made me cry—yes, please adopt, don’t shop! Enjoy your new baby!" We love seeing videos of sweet rescue pets loving on their new parents!

It doesn't take a lot to make us cry over videos of animals, but this time, these are happy tears. We are so glad these two found each other! You can tell both the pup and his mom needed this, and it's beautiful moments like this that show us why adopting is so important.

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