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Woman's Enthusiasm Over Her Cow's New Baby Is Positively Contagious

No matter where. you are or who you're with, a little enthusiasm can go a long way. TikTok user and bovine caretaker @amystolter23 knows this for a fact because her joy in one video has already reached over 100 thousand people! All she had to was meet her cow's new baby.

Okay, maybe it's a bit more complicated than that! Amy cares for her cows, including new mama Jacey, around the clock, so each of her videos has taken a lot more time and effort than we see. No wonder she's so excited to meet her pasture's newest addition! The little calf's cuteness sure doesn't hurt, either. Who wouldn't fall totally in love with this little guy?

OMG--what a cutie patootie! We completely understand Amy's reaction to the little one. We were fangirling just meeting him through the phone screen! 

"I love your enthusiasm," agreed viewer @enchanted.emerald. It's positively contagious! If we weren't already smiling when Amy started talking, we definitely were once the calf started running toward her. Even his mama was excited!

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"Awww," @bistro25 wrote. "She came to how you her little baby. What a proud momma." She totally is! TBH, she probably knew Amy would be the ultimate hypewoman. She knows hew owner!

Of course, the highlight of that moment was their formal introduction. The baby didn't have a name quite yet, but that didn't stop this cow mama from saying hello. "'Hi, I’m Amy'. 😂," was a favorite of @tcerwile, and of ours too! 

Naturally, it didn't take long for Amy to indulge in a few pets and cuddles. It made for the cutest update video!

Welcome to the world, little Andy!

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