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Woman's Emotional Reaction to Gift She Received After Her Dog Passed Has Us in Tears

It's the gestures we least see coming that mean the most to us when tragedy happens. The letter of condolences, the homemade lasagna so we don’t have to cook, or in the case of one woman online, a memento of the dog she recently lost. TikTok creator @vanessamarie4711 was at a loss for words when she opened the package a friend sent her in the mail. “I love it so much,” she wrote.

The TikToker had no idea what to expect when she opened the package. Little did she know it would be the sweet send-off to her good boy. “My dog passed away on March 4. When I texted my best friend she said, ‘there should be something in the mail for you in two months,’” @vanessamarie4711 wrote in the video’s text overlay. She’d just gotten back from a 10-day trip to Africa, when the package was waiting for her at home. Her reaction has us in tears.

“When I opened the package it was a crochet stuffed animal of my dog with angel wings,” she continued. Her reaction is how any of us would feel after receiving such a heartfelt gift.

With over 300,000 views, people were praising her friend for going the extra mile. “Such a great friend. Sorry for your loss,” @ivana32781 wrote. “This is awesome. I'm happy you get to cuddle them for the rest of your life. Sending love,” added. “I actually teared up, that's so sweet,” @Misspeeperpop agreed. “This is an amazing gift! You have the best friend ever,” @brookedillinger420 chimed in.

Another commenter shared another sweet gesture that someone did for them after their own pet died. “My coworker painted a portrait of my past dog, and I cried when I got it,” @jax.acer wrote.

It's always the unexpected gesture that can really mean so much to other people. Even the smallest things can let someone know that you care.