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Woman's Story of Rescuing an Abandoned Duck Is Melting All of Our Hearts

As much as we love hearing animal rescue stories and seeing how selfless humans are, it's also so sad to think about why those animals are abandoned in the first place. We will never understand how people can leave these creatures on the side of the road or in the park. It seriously breaks our hearts. We hope every animal that is left finds a future home that will care for them beyond their wildest dreams. Just like what happened for this duck!   

TikTok user @myprideandducks just so happened to be at the right place at the right time. She was at a park, walking around the public pond when she laid her eyes on a duck. The poor waddling creature was all alone, hungry and abandoned. She knew she couldn't walk away. In the clip, you'll see the exact moment that proves these two belong together.

Aww, this video is really melting our hearts. We're so happy these two found each other and the duck is no longer abandoned! It's like it was meant to be. And we're even happier to know she named the duck Henrietta. So cute! 

"The fact she found YOU makes me cry. She found someone who knew how to love her & properly care for her ❤️," said @user951014491. Yes! Out of all the people at the park, Henrietta found this kind soul. "She waddled her way to an amazing new life with you," added @fifteenmarch. You'd think she would be scared of another human after what she's been through, but somehow she knew this TikToker was going to save her. And to us, that's simply amazing!

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Another TikTok user, @CO_AdventureCouple, said what we were all thinking. The comment reads, "It breaks my heart how scared she would have been but how relieved when she realized she was safe with you." Our hearts seriously ache knowing someone didn't want Henrietta. How could anyone want to get rid of this adorable duck? But again, we're so grateful for people to bring in these abandoned animals under their wings. For those who want to help when they see an abandoned animal, the creator said it's best to reach out to a local sanctuary.

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