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Woman's Story of Rescuing and Taking in an Abused Pigeon Is Touching People's Hearts

TikTok user @realvintagedollshouse recently found herself in a little bit of a pickle. It started as a normal night at the pub with friends, when a pigeon came strolling in. The bird hopped right up into her lap and stayed with her for 3 hours. As it turned out, people were apparently abusing the poor bird by kicking him and even throwing him around. She knew she had to step in and help this sweet little fella.

She ended up taking the pigeon home to look after him. She posted a TikTok clip that documents his progression, and it has brought in over 1.5 million views in less than a day. But now she's unsure what to do next. "I want to do what's best so would be interested to know if people think I should keep him, release him or take him to a sanctuary," the video says. Wait until you see how much this little bird obviously trusts her.

This seriously has us in tears. How wonderful that after having people be so awful to him, he stumbled into her lap! It was meant to be for sure.

A lot of TikTok users are saying she should keep the pigeon because as it turns out, they used to be domesticated animals. Wow, you learn something new every day! "Pigeons fare better as pets than they do in the wild. You won’t be doing any harm by keeping him," commented @SuburbanCottageWitch. And seeing how much he loves her, she has to keep him. He was doing chores with her, and she even taught him to fly onto her arm within those short 4 days! 

As @Angela H proclaimed, "You are now a Disney Princess!" Clearly! Or @basicdoctorshit put it better in our opinion. He commented, "Congratulations on your first Pokémon. Hhe stays with you now and you have to train him 🤓 He might evolve soon 🤞." LOL! 

We're so thankful she took matters into her own hands to care for this helpless animal. How could people do that to a bird or any creature? "I’m so heartbroken, why r ppl so cruel?" asked @Nana's Kitchen. We unfortunately may never know that answer. "It makes me sick and angry that people were treating this living creature cruelly. So evil! Thank you for helping him! ❤️," added @GigiLevi. We're hoping for a full recovery and that he's officially found his new mama!