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Baby Gosling’s Reunion With Its Family After Being Rescued by Kind Woman Is Too Sweet

The internet is singing the praises of one woman, after she came to the rescue of a gosling in trouble. Liv (or @liv.with.animals as she goes by online) is a big animal lover and a dog walker and trainer to boot. So of course she knew she had to leap into action when she caught a baby bird stuck between rocks while out on a walk in Ontario, Canada. Our hero! 

The incredible save was recorded and later shared to Liv's TikTok page. "Out walking a dog in the rain when we noticed some adult #canadageese making a fuss," she wrote in the video's caption. But instead of walking away, the TikTok creator decided to investigate. The footage shows the gosling stuck in the rocks, as Liv scales down the side of the marina to get them. Fortunately, the gosling was easily freed, but to see both the miraculous save and the reunion between parents and baby you'll have to watch the video for yourself.

The comments section captivated by Liv's generosity. "You did such a good thing. Happy to know that there are nice humans out there," @stonestruetolife wrote. "Aww. You were at the right place at the right time," @dexterboycat added. "You're the best I love you. Thank you for helping these babies. You're an earth angel my friend," @krista_1978 added. 

Later in the thread, Liv shared more details about what happened. "My curiosity got to be about all of the noise they were making- something didn’t add up. Then I heard the little baby and it all made sense," she explained. 

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Thank goodness for people like Liv.

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