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Woman's Determination to Rescue and Care for Injured Baby Mouse Makes Her a Real-Life 'Cinderella'

As animal lovers, we are always going to do as much as we can to help injured or sick animals, even when we encounter them in the wild. They deserve all the support and assistance they can get to heal and reenter their environment when fully healthy for their best chance of survival. One woman gave her all to helping an injured baby field mouse recover from serious injuries and we are so impressed.

TikTok user @daniellemulcahy2 recently shared a video her mouse, Choohaa, which is similar to the word for mouse in Hindu, who she rescued from the beak of a chicken a year ago. In the video, Choohaa's mom shares the mouse's uncertain recovery journey as part of her birthday celebration. Check out the video to see the wonderful footage of Choohaa's recovery!

Wow, we are so happy that Choohaa made it through her precarious healing process, and are extremely impressed with the lengths her mom went to in order to save the mouse. This was an amazing outcome!

People in the comments praised Choohaa's mom for putting so much effort into saving this mouse. @anxious_anne said, "You deserve all that is good for saving this baby," and @gcantabene commented, "The best measure of a man is how he treats those who can do nothing for him. You are that man." This woman's actions were entirely selfless, and in return, Choohaa gives her mom endless love.

Others said this woman reminded them of Cinderella. @shortiashes commented, "Ok Cinderella, I see you!" and said, "Are you kidding me?! I ADORED this story! It was almost as though I was watching a Disney movie!" Choohaa and her mom totally seem like the perfect Disney pairing!

We are so happy that this mouse was found by such an amazing woman who was able to provide her with the assistance and care Choohaa needed. It seems like while Choohaa was healing, her mom found renewed purpose in caring for the mouse. What an amazing conclusion to their story!

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