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Kind Woman Hailed a Hero After Rescuing a Tiny Blind Kitten From Traffic

You can plan for the arrival of a pet as much as you'd like, but you don't always know when exactly a new friend may enter your life. This story from @artistryunleashed is the perfect example, and now it's going viral on TikTok, too. 

It's the story of how she rescued a tiny, blind kitten from the middle of the road. It was a surprising and dramatic rescue, to say the least, but it was really only the first piece of the journey for this new kitten and mama duo. The little one had a long road to recovery--but just wait until you see her now!

 If you're anything like us, you won't believe you're looking at the same cat! 

This little miracle is living proof of the power of love (and medical care). It's just so inspiring! After being rescued and cared for, this sweet kitten looks nothing like she did when she was rescued from the street. If you told us it was a different cat in later videos, we would probably believe you!

"She is beautiful…." commented @laurt447. "Thank you for all you’ve done for her💖." Exactly! @artistryunleashed has done a lot to nurse the lil' kitten back to health, and it couldn't have been easy. 

Luckily, she had plenty of love to give--and tons of help to give her a break! The new kitten quickly bonded with the cats who lived there already, so when it was their time to step up as big siblings, they knew what to expect. Commenter @ab.dhun.jonson said,"that one picture where the older "sibling" also squinted an eye when posing. So adorable 🥰." We couldn't possibly agree more! This looks like one happy family to say the least.