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Kind Woman Rescues Disabled Kitten and the End to His Story Has Us in Tears

Animal lovers are some of the most caring and selfless people. We would do anything to help an animal in distress or discomfort, regardless of how it would impact us. One woman stepped up when a kitten needed her most, and the outcome is beautiful.

TikTok user @laurakbalke recently shared a video telling her story of the free kitten named George that she found at a garage sale in rural Ohio. This poor kitten was disabled and crawling along the concrete ground while dragging his rear legs behind him, and she knew she needed to help him. Check out the video to see how Laura saves George in this video that is sure to make you cry.

Oh wow, we are sobbing. Laura did such a wonderful thing to save George and bring him to The Ranch Cat Rescue to get the care he needed. This poor kitten had very low survival odds at that garage sale, but thanks to Laura, he has everything he needs to recover and live a long and healthy life. Plus, he now has a friend with the same leg condition named Borpo! What a beautiful outcome!

People in the comments had no misconceptions about how George might have ended up if Laura hadn't found him, and they were thrilled he got a second chance at life. @lynneswayne said, "You saved him from being fed to a snake or worse. Free kittens so many times endure torture. Thank you for caring!" Another user, @rubyxjune, commented, "So many people take 'free kittens' for horrific reasons, thank you for saving this sweet little soul." This is why it's so important for good people to rescue free or abandoned animals when we find them!

Others thought George was just the cutest kitten. @thea_taylor commented, "Him swimming around the bath is so adorable, oh my God!" and @aleesha.60 said, "He is absolutely beautiful, and so are you." There is endless inner and outer beauty from George and Laura!

If this story moved you to tears, the video encourages you to donate to George's and Borpo's recovery on The Ranch Cat Rescue's website. This certainly seems like a worthy cause to us!