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Video of Woman Rescuing Golden Retriever from Korea Brings Us to Tears

Everyone remembers the day they got their dog. It was probably the happiest day of their life! One woman rescued her dog all the way from Korea and you can really tell how joyful the day was from the video she shared online. 

The dog, Gombe's, journey home was captured and posted onto TikTok by his new mama Nicole Skalka (@nicoleskalka). The footage shows Gombe in his kennel, as two airline workers carefully wheel him off the plane. "Trying not to cry," Skalka wrote in the video's text caption, over video of herself trying to hold her emotions in. Finally, Gombe was there! "The feeling is indescribable," Skalka wrote in the caption. Both Skalka and Gombe look so happy during their initial meet-up. Take a look at the look on Gombe's face, he looks so thrilled to be home. 

"He is finally safe and going to be so loved by us! We love you Gombe boy," the video's onscreen caption states.

Over 75,000 people have watched the TikToker's video and everyone agreed it was simply the best. "God bless you!! He is beautiful! Have a wonderful journey together," @pradasbunchgoldens wrote in the comments section. "I’m NOT crying!" @lindaloveshenry teased. "He’s a beautiful fur baby!! Welcome home sweet pup!!" @mi.randa3 cheered. "One beautiful golden. My heart just smiles watching this video," @kayelaine25 commented. 

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This was the beginning of such a beautiful journey for Skalka and Gombe. The TikTok creator has another dog at home, Indie, who was probably antsy waiting for his fur brother to come home. 

Here's to a day that no one in their family is soon to forget!

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