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Woman's Attempt to Rescue Pufferfish on Mexico Beach Is Going Viral

Animal lovers have a natural instinct to jump into action whenever we see animals in distress. In crazy scenarios, our compassion overtakes reason and we help in whatever way we can. This woman did exactly that during her attempt to rescue a fish stranded on the beach in Mexico.

In the TikTok video posted by @teosecara, one woman took action when she spotted a pufferfish near the shore in shallow water that was unable to get to deeper water because of the waves pushing it back to shore. Watch the video to see how this woman helped the pufferfish make its way back out to deeper water!

Wow, that woman was amazing! She was so smart to use her towel to gently carry the fish out to deeper water so it would be able to swim without the waves impeding its progress.

Many people in the comments are impressed with this woman's initiative. @maya__scott said, "And today I learned what to do if, for some reason, I’m ever near an ocean with a struggling puffer," and @mcriaan commented, "Thats sweet of you!" It's always nice to see videos of people doing good deeds for animals.

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Others shared suggestions for additional ways to help a struggling pufferfish in the future. @howdyitsjason commented, "The best way to help is to gently push them under water, and try to gently burp out the air. Sometimes they can’t if they are above water." Another user, @spiritnectar, said, "Sadly, it is difficult for them to deflate if they fill with air. You can try burping it by gently shaking it under water, mouth facing up." This is great information to have!

Ultimately, remember that some species of pufferfish are poisonous, so be sure to use a protective barrier if you pick one us, just like this smart rescuer did!

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