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Mom's Reaction to Finally Seeing Her Beloved Horse After 11 Years Is Making People Sob

When TikTok user @samanthafordphoto was 14 years old, her parents bought her a horse. Her very own horse - Matty! Matty was her everything. For the next 4 years, these two were inseparable. But that time came to an end when her parents sold Matty to pay for her college. She was devastated, as one would be. But just because Matty was sold doesn't mean she didn't think about him. In fact, she didn't stop thinking about him for the next 11 years.

She eventually found out that Matty was living in California, while she was in Ohio. But he was coming to a show in Kentucky. Not too far from her at all. She knew she couldn't pass up the opportunity to see Matty. And it was the surprise of a lifetime for both Matty and her. The sweet reunion has already brought in over 2.8 million views on the first day.

Oh boy, we're crying our hearts out over here! This reunion is so sweet. We can't believe the horse remembered her after 11 long years. That's true love! "His ears and eyes say he absolutely knows you. Horses never forget. Sobbing with you," commented @nativewanderer. Don't worry, we think everyone is crying from this video, even the horse! "I didn't wanna cry before work today but here we are," added @Veganrunner888. We're right there with ya, we're right there with ya. 

"Aww, how sweet! He was even like, 'What have we here? A little one?'" said @dawninaz123. LOL! The horse even took a step back in amazement at how she had a little baby now. The horse was probably thinking, 'Oh, where has the time gone?!' 

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As it turns out, Matty is for sale! And so this woman is trying everything in her power to once again own him. She even started a fundraiser. To donate, go to her TikTok account!

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