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Woman Reunites With Her Dog After a Month Apart in Heartwarming Video

TikTok user @raiane.macedo has gone through something that no pet owner ever wants to do - separate from their furry friends. She hasn't seen her Samoyed dog in over a month. Even a day at work is too long without seeing our pups so we couldn't imagine a whole month. That's why this video is so special. 

The video that captured our hearts shows this TikToker reuniting with her dog. She later shared that the reason why they were separated for so long was that she was traveling to Brazil to visit family. She trusted her ex-boyfriend with her dog, but since her return, the ex has refused to return the dog. Uh oh! At least she gets to see her pup and hopefully, they can work things out. Until we learn what will happen, enjoy the creator and her dog's special day together! 

Aww!! What a beautiful reunion between these two! We're so happy they were able to spend some time together for what we hope is not the last time. And you can just tell how happy her dog is to see her again. 

TikTok users are demanding she take the dog back. Ugh, if only it were that simple, but things never are! @Guerra Castillo-Spen wrote, "I would've snatched her and ran so fast." SAME! @sabrinas_adventures added, "Take the dog back and run!!! Lol." Seriously, we wouldn't be upset if she did that, especially if it's her dog to begin with! 

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"I love how she is sooo happy to see you but also other dogs so bye!" said @justhereforbaseball. LOL! Her dog was pumped to see her but she's still a dog and wanted to go play in the water. Don't worry, they both got to play together in the water for some quality time! 

So cute! We hope that even if she doesn't get the dog back full-time, she'll have more times like this to cherish. 

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