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Woman's Reaction to Being Reunited With Her Missing Dog Tugs at the Heartstrings

If you're looking for your daily cry, look no further. Video of a man surprising his wife with their missing dog has gone viral online and their emotional reunion is just too sweet. 

We can only imagine how it must of felt when Becky Swilling White's (@beckyswillingwhite) daughter and son-in-law first learned that their dog had gone missing. But thank goodness that we got to see their reunion first hand. According to the footage,  White's son-in-law showed up at a school where his wife was and had their dog hidden in the backseat. "Hey, I love you. Somebody back here also loves you," he tells her as she walks over to their car. The instant White's daughter sees their dog, she bursts into tears. And well whoops, now we're tearing up too.

The comments section was a mess after watching this mama get her baby back. "Only dog lovers appreciate how real this love is," @gemory17 wrote. "I'm crying with you! So happy for you....only dog owners understand!!" @sandeewith2es agreed. "I just cried like a baby and hugged my doggie," @user16215847979608 admitted. "Balling my eyes out right now! Omg!" @heidzbullymom shared. 

Later in the video, White's husband explained that another woman found their dog and kept him at her house until she could find his owner. "She was like, I think that this belongs to somebody," he recalled, speaking of their conversation. "He's such a good boy," he added through tears.

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Thank goodness this story has a happy ending. Now excuse us while we go and find some tissues! 

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