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Woman's Sweet Reunion With Her Bunny After a Week Apart Is Way Too Precious

Going on vacation is nice, but sometimes coming home is even better. That's especially true for people like one woman on TikTok, who have a pet waiting for them when they get back. Let's just say that her rabbit Wilbur gave his mama the best welcome home! 

The TikTok creator and her rabbit are from British Columbia, Canada and are so close. So we can't even imagine how much they missed each other while she was away recently. As a video on her page @wilbur.therabbit explains, the TikToker had only been away for a week. But Wilbur's over-the-top reaction to her return has people everywhere so excited. "My rabbit and my reunion after a week apart," the video's text overlay reads. Take a look! 

Wilbur couldn't keep his happiness contained. "He laid down for ear scratches right away," the text overlay reads. "We don't deserve animals," the caption reads. 

Video of the reunion has been watched over 250,000 times, although most people admitted to having the opposite experience. "Going to reunite with mine in a week after a whole month!!" @nicolealt92 wrote in the comments section. "My boy ignores me for a little bit cause he is mad I left him lol," @kate.hallmark shared. "Awww how adorable! I guess if I am away for a week, my bunnies will give me the 'who are you?' look," @honeybunny22227777 added. "Mine gets excited and then punishes me for two days until I'm off the hook," @tarateddy4 admitted. 

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Thankfully, these two have a different kind of relationship. Wilbur is even the rabbit mama's therapy animal! "The incredible way animals can help a broken heart," she wrote in the caption of another video. 

So sweet!

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