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Video of Woman Reuniting With Her Dog While Picking Up Her Child From Her Ex Is So Heartbreaking

One of the greatest yet unexpected tragedies of a breakup is not being able to see your partner's pets again. If you adopt a pet together and then break up, someone is going to have to take the pet and the other likely won't see them again. This happened to one woman and the result is heartbreaking.

TikTok user @blondiesunday recently shared a video from when she picked her daughter up from her ex's  house, and in the video, his dog, whom they adopted when they were together, ran over to greet her. This is the first time she had seen his dog since their breakup, and the reunion is long overdue! Check out the video below to see how eager this pup was to see her again.

Awww, we feel so sad for this woman and the dog! These two clearly love each other, and it's so sad that they lost each other after the breakup. It's important to remember pets are impacted by relationship breakups too!

People in the comments thought they should share custody of the pup like they do with heir child. @ashleyesposito27 said, "The way his paw is around your leg is so sad. You should have split custody, dog goes with the kids." Another user, @lindajgeary, commented, "Breaks my should share this pup!" The dog needs to have visitation rights with his mom!

Others couldn't believe how much the pup was missing this woman. @lisa_ma_rie_1 commented, "He misses you so much and doesn’t want to be separated from you," and @tinaboatwright said, "Oh, how sad. Poor baby wants to be with you." This poor pup has probably been wondering what happened to his mom!

We feel so sorry for both the woman and the dog. We hope she can work out an agreement with her ex that would allow her to see the dog more often, because the pup has clearly missing his momma.

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