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Woman's Determined Attempt to Save Baby Bird From Storm Drain Is Touching Hearts

There are some good souls out there who will do anything for an animal in need. Like a woman on TikTok, who was there when a baby bird fell through a sewer grate and then decided to leap into action. The woman, Stephanie Castillo (@stephjcastillo) knew she had to do something. And watching her try and figure out how to get the bird free will keep you glued to your screen. 

As Castillo tells it, "I was walking a dog and was watching a baby bird learn to fly until this happened," she wrote in the video's onscreen caption. The footage then cuts to the sewage drain where the baby bird is stuck. The TikTok creator goes off to her car and gathers some odds and ends that she used to try and get the bird free. "We're gonna get you out, bud," she can be heard telling the animal. 

Eventually, Castillo comes up with a contraption that is long enough to reach him. Watching her fish the bird out of the drain was so stressful! But then...she does it! The bird was out! "I think the hardest part was picking up the metal lid," she joked in the caption. 

Almost 1 million people watched the bird get saved — many of whom were singing Castillo's praises. "God I love good people," @butwhy wrote. "You are so creative and kind. I hope you have a bunch of good things happen to you today," @emotionation added. "Thanks for being an awesome human being…those covers are no joke." @the_broken_antler_wlsr added. 

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And a second video shows the rescue mission from a different angle. "That was so scary," she can be heard saying at the end of the footage.

But we'd like to think of her actions as being heroic.

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