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Woman Drops Everything to Save Her Dog From a Bear and People Are Here For It

When in a cabin or home in the mountains, you want to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. It's where many people go vacationing no matter what time of year. From the cool, fresh air in the summers to hitting the ski towns in the winter, it's an outdoor wonderland for people. But with all that open space comes the wildlife who lives there too that everyone needs to be made aware of. 

TikTok user @shelbyisbay was at a ranch outside of downtown Aspen, Colorado when the unexpected happened. She was taking her morning routine outside because well, why not soak up every last moment in the beautiful weather. Her dog was out there with her, exploring the area. But she immediately stopped everything she was doing once something caught the corner of her eye. We're absolutely so impressed with her quick thinking! 

Omg, a bear?! This made our hearts stop! We hope we would've done the same exact thing as she did, but there's no promise on that. We might've been so scared to even react. We're so glad she did though and saved her four-legged baby! 

"The way Elliot is holding onto you 😭 ❤️," said @Carolbarrel. Right?! He knew there was danger and he didn't feel safe until you protected him. @islandgirl96_ added, "That poor Elliot thought he wasn’t gonna make it by the way he’s holding onto you," Ugh, it's so true! We bet we didn't let go for the longest time. And if we were her, we wouldn't let go either. It was such a close and scary call! @kylie...c wrote what we all felt, "My heart stopped until I saw that you grabbed your dog omg." YES! 

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In the bear's defense, he was just trying to make friends! Or as @Karissa Moeller put it, "He  just wanted a makeover." Exactly! The creator even wrote in the caption that the bear wanted to learn how to contour. LOL! 

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