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Mama Goat Alerts Kind Human That Her Babies Need Help in Touching Video

Building a bond with animals can be rewarding in so many ways, but one woman is patting herself on the back (and rightfully so) after listening to a goat's pleas for help. She shared the entire endeavor on her TikTok account, which is dedicated to the goats of the island she lives on, and the app is positively riveted. 

When this mama goat approached @goatislandnews and asked her to follow her, she did not hesitate for a second. And we're so glad she didn't! At first, she believed the animal was wanting to show off her babies, but when she heart yet couldn't see them, she knew something wasn't right. Watch what happens next.

This woman is a hero! We cannot imagine the relief she must have felt once the babies were free from the rabbit hole. It's so amazing that their mama knew exactly what to do. 

"Amazing a mothers love is so incredible," agreed @laureylikes2laugh. "Thank goodness they were saved 🥰." Whether fate, luck, or a tight bond brought Mama to this kind woman we may never know, but we'd like to think it was a bit of all three. 

Clearly, @goatislandnews is no rookie to caring for others. @paryshahalel commented, "your mama voice came out 😂 'what are you doing down here?!'" Aww, that's so true! We'll never un-hear that now, and that's totally fine by us. Mama voice is totally a thing!

And so are mama emotions. Even someone who's never spent time around goats can feel the worry of this mother "when she heard the first cry back 🥺" from her baby--just ask commenter @feliciareneblackw. 

If it's killing you not to see any more of this story, you can breathe now. @Goatislandnews posted an update!

Wow, we're just so grateful for happy endings like this. This is one incredible woman to follow both her own instincts and Mama Goat's--we should all take a note or two from her!