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Video of Woman Saying Goodbye to the Dog After a Breakup Is Downright Heartbreaking

Breakups are hard enough. You were once so comfortable with your partner that it became like second nature. When it ends, you have to start all over again, re-grounding yourself and finding a new normal. We've all experienced it before and we won't sugar coat it - it sucks. But what isn't talked about enough is leaving your pet after a breakup, which is arguably worse. 

TikTok user @rachtheh gave us a sad glimpse into the reality of leaving a pet behind after a breakup. She wrote in the comments that this heartbreaking video is from a few months ago, as it took her so long to get the courage to post it. In the clip, she's hugging her sweet dog one last time. The dog is kissing her right back. It's what this creator says to the dog that really got to us. Please, have your tissues ready.  

Why is this one of the saddest videos we've ever seen? She told her pup to be the good girl she taught her to be.😭 Stop it! That took a knife right to our hearts! TikTok users are offering support, as most of them have been in that situation before. 

"This is almost worst than the breakup because they become one of your babies," commented @Delaneyisabel. And you love them with your whole heart, making it impossible to step away. "This is heartbreaking because she has no idea. I can guarantee she knows how much you loved her though!!" added @Queen Sophie👑. Ugh, we didn't even think about how this poor pup doesn't know she won't be coming back! Damn it, now the tears are starting again. @Dia said, ":( this is the real heartbreak." 

@Stacey Ely asked what we believe many people had to process when going through a breakup. She wrote, "Is it wrong to stay for the dog? Asking for a friend." As much as one might want to stay for the pet, you have to make sure to do what is healthy. Hopefully, this woman will be able to work something out so that she can still see the pup. Whether that's to dog sit or take her on walks, they still need to be in each other's lives!