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Puppy's Reaction to Woman Singing Him to Sleep Is Melting Hearts

Parents will try all kinds of tricks to help their children go to bed. Maybe that includes a bedtime story or if they really can't sleep, a soothing drive in the car. And for those who have a good singing voice (not us, lol) can rock their little ones to bed with a lullaby. You've probably already heard of these tricks before. But have you ever heard of a pawrent doing it for their pets? 

TikTok user @.autumn.smith broke out one of the tricks parents use to get their children to sleep. But this time it wasn't for a human child. She was putting her Dachshund puppy down for a nap. She held her pup in her arms, cleared her throat and started singing. It was so beautiful and soothing that it's no wonder her pup reacted the way he did. You'll heart will instantly melt!

Wow! This is absolutely beautiful. Between her angelic voice and the puppy snuggling, we love every single thing about this video. Can she come and sing us to sleep too?!

"Just like holding and rocking a baby!! Dogs are our kids too!!" said @fullerton1963. They're absolutely our babies too! And now we need to try rocking and singing them to sleep too because what creature wouldn't love that. @Tina Banta added, "You must of sang a lot to him when he was in your belly. He loves your voice." LMAO! We totally think this was accurate until we reminded ourselves that her baby was a dog!  

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Besides obsessed over the adorable pup, TikTok users are also in love with her singing. @jordanraebailey commented, "Is nobody gonna talk about her voice though❤️❤️❤️😍." Right?! We hope she's pursuing a music career because this girl has some pipes! 

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