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Woman's Hack for Sneaking Her Dog Into Stores on Hot Days Is Brilliant

During the summer, we all know the struggle of wanting to bring our fur babies with us to run errands but not being able to leave them in the car because of the heat. Many stores say they don't allow dogs, but one woman found a way to sneak her pup in undetected.

In the TikTok video posted by @elinhollen, she is seen holding... something in the shape of a toddler and wrapped in a large blanket. When one of the corners of the blanket is flipped back, we see the sweetest little French Bulldog wrapped up in the blanket. Talk about incognito! Watch the video to see how this master of disguise blends in at the shop.

This is too brilliant! With small dogs, you can easily disguise them as a kid, especially if they're well behaved and don't bark. Though, we suppose a bark could be played off as a very aggressive sneeze if needed.

The people in the comments of the video love this idea! @mimski.z said, "Love it, animals are not toys you can just play with when it's convenient for you," and @readynow5555 commented, "I support this! You go girl!" As long as the pup is well behaved, they should be allowed to accompany their owner in the store.

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Others joked that while a great idea for smaller dogs, it wouldn't work for everyone. @sarahlou_2410 commented, "I wish. My dog is 25kgs and half my body weight," and @mehwizh said, "I used to do this when my dog was a puppy and a kilogram. Now she is 7 kg so it isn’t as easy." We can see how it might be a little difficult to carry around dogs of those sizes all day!

We love this hack! Those of us with small pups will need to test this out soon and see if anyone in the shops picks up on the disguise.

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