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Woman Who ‘Learned How to Speak Cat’s Language’ Has Us in Stitches

After bonding with a pet, it can sometimes feel like the two of you speak the same language. The tone of voice, posture, body language, they can all affect the way you communicate. One vocal cat truly can talk to her mama's roommate, though, and it's posted on TikTok for all of us to enjoy (and, trust us, you'll enjoy it). 

When @funwithfrann's owner's roommate started working from home, she and the cat started spending a lot more time together. But now? The two can talk back and forth with the same little chirps. We guess you could say the two really can speak the same language. Can you believe it?

Was it just us, or is it almost impossible to tell which meows are the cat and which are the roommate? They sound so much alike! At least @concha436174 thinks so, too: "I thought the first sound was the cat 😂, it’s so spot on!" Spot on, indeed.

The similarities didn't end there, either. Commenters like @withadrie were on point with references like, "I'm reminded of Morph from Treasure Planet lol," As funny as that imagery is, we can totally hear it! The one that truly got us LOL-ing, though, was this gem from @ejohnson3131: "Why does it remind me of the Swedish Chef 🤣 BORK BORK." If we could retweet that, we totally would--too funny!

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The other thing we totally would do is learn how to speak Fran's language like her lucky roommate. Was this just coincidence? Did she practice? We have so many questions! 

Thankfully, cat owners have answers. "that's totally me and my own cat XD," commented @urbanmooney. "[We']re totally in sync after quarantine." That's what spending time together will do to a pet and parent, and probably how this sweet video came to be, too. We just love it--almost as much as we love sweet little Fran!

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