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Woman's Clever Trick to Distract Dog As She Leaves the House Is Going Viral

Human parent or pet parent, you all know how difficult it can be to leave the house. Your little children run after you, so upset. They think you're leaving them with the babysitter. And if you have pets, they'll try running out the door with you. At least with a child, you can tell them you'll be back but our furry friends won't necessarily understand this concept. 

Luckily, TikTok user @teigengayse shared with us how she tricks her dog when she needs to leave. All you need is a bag of shredded cheese, a good throwing arm and a fast escape route. Don't worry it's a lot easier than it seems. LOL! Check out what she does to really fool her pug and get out of the house.

LOL! We can't believe that actually worked! She threw down shredded cheese for her dog to eat and as soon as the dog went in, she was out of there! It's actually brilliant. Distract them while you can! And as any pet owner knows, food always does the trick! 

"This would probably work on me as well," commented @Karla Ramirez. HA! Honestly, same. We'd do anything for cheese! And well, who wouldn't get distracted by free cheese?!

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@Katie Williams said, "I’m so glad I’m not the only person who does this lol." And she really isn't! Turns out other TikTokers are doing similar things with their pets. @_iamactual said, "Omg I do this too but with carrots. I cant deal with the sad puppy eyes when I leave." Ugh, that's the worst part about leaving them. Those eyes get us! Others said they use dehydrated chicken. That's amazing and way healthier! @imaginemadi suggested, "Get a licky mat!! keeps them busy for even longer." So many great ideas we love it! 

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