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Woman Is Stunned After Seeing What Her Golden Doodle Did While Home Alone

It’s always a risk to leave your pet home alone. Which is a lesson that one woman online learned the hard way after she came home and discovered that her Golden Doodle had been very busy destroying her house while she was gone.

In all fairness to Loui, he’s still just a puppy. As his owner, Kayla Mark (@kaylamark) explained elsewhere on her page, the pup was born on November 20, 2021 — so he's just shy of six months. But Marks was shocked when she came home recently and saw that Loui had gotten into some puppy trouble while she was away. To say that Loui made a mess is a wee bit of an understatement — and his poor dog bed took the brunt of his actions. “I had no words,” Mark wrote in the video’s onscreen caption.

 With almost 6 million views, people couldn’t help but crack up over how Loui “redecorated.” “I REARRANGED YOU LIKE,” @addisonwinkler_ joked, as if reading Loui’s mind. “He looks so proud,” @jadendoestiktoksksk wrote. “I’m his lawyer, he didn't do it. It was the cat,” @candycane_sierra joked. “And today you learned about crate training,” chimed in.

But a few people thought Loui tried to clean up…in his own way. “To be fair he was starting to clean it up with his tail,” @thejourney2016 wrote. “LOL HIS TAIL SWIPING THE PIECES AWAY,” @notgalandjosh commented. While a third commenter made a good point, “Okay but like, at least it was the dog bed and not your couch,” @luuuuccccieeee added. 

We're sure that Marks isn't going to leave her puppy home alone any time soon — but if she does, we really hope she puts it on TikTok! We just can't get mad at that angelic face.