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Viral Video of Woman Waking Up to a 'Surprise Cat' in Her Bed Is Straight Out of a Movie

It's the best time of year, in our opinion, because it's finally cool enough to open the windows and fall asleep with a cool breeze. The leaves rustling in the wind can put your mind right to rest. And with fewer bugs outside, you don't have to worry about them getting in the house. Although, you might have to be cautious of other creatures coming into your home...

TikTok user @tbone319, unfortunately, learned that the hard way. She fell asleep with her windows open one night, which was probably so nice. That is until she woke up to a surprise in the morning. Never in a million years did we think this would happen. It's something straight out of a movie. Check it out! 

LMAO! No wonder this clip has over 9 million views in the first couple days! It's purrr-fection! We just don't have any words for this. And we for sure as heck don't know how we'd react to a cat staring at us sleeping. Scared is one reaction. But we'd also realize how blessed we are to be a chosen one! 

We guess TikTokers are right that this cat coming into her room is a sign. @Motta_24 said, "I think She chose you 😅." We 100% agree with that. @Nanako Ito added, "Humans choose dogs. Cats choose humans 😊. Yes! That's just the way it works. We don't make the rules! "It was not your cat when you fell asleep, it is your cat now," wrote @mikkel_kristensen. LOL!

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"Why can't this happen to me?" asked @alliehowerter. Right?! She must be thinking she's a real-life princess because this is something you only see in the movies. And to say we're jealous is the understatement of the year! 

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