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Woman Takes Her Dog's Flea Medication by Mistake and Her Reaction Is Priceless

Thank goodness for the internet. It brings us all endless amounts of joy and definitely tons of laughs. Take for instance a video recently shared by TikTok creator Kelly Nichole (@kelsopanda), which showed her mother after she made a hilarious mistake involving their dog's flea medication. Whoops!

The footage has attracted over 3 million views, and once you see what happened you'll completely understand why. "My mama went to take her 'evening pills' and she accidentally took her dog's flea meds," Kelly wrote in the video's onscreen text. The camera then panned to the TikToker's mom, whose face says it all. "THE CONCERN," Kelly joked.

Her mom immediately checked the flea medication's warning label, but don't worry later in the caption Kelly explained, "She’s fine, just a little drowsy."

The comment section was in stitches over this medication mix-up. "Meanwhile, dog is somewhere scratching himself and mad at his humans," @leee_suuh joked. "The way she put the glasses on. It’s too late mom! You’re flea free this month," @4strangersontheinternet teased. "OMG her husband, I’m dead," @cwtodd added. 

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While at least one person had a similar experience. "Dude one time we had to call poison control because my mom took the dogs meds and gave the dog her birth control pill. Everyone survived!" @tracymc40 shared.

Of course, people really wanted to know what her dog Riley looked like. And thankfully, she was happy to give the people what they wanted. 

Later in the thread, Kelly was asked what her mom's response was after she realized what happened. "She was like 'WHAT DID I JUST DO' but she couldn’t stop laughing afterwards. We were laughing for hours," she wrote.

Well, laughter is the best medicine after all.

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