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Woman Takes Hermit Crab to the Beach So He Can Have an Adventure and We're Loving It

There's nothing like people watching at the beach because there's so much going on. People throwing a football, surfers, and giant sand castles are being made. Music is flowing in sync with the crashing waves. You've seen it all at this point if you're a frequent beach goer. Well, so you thought. TikTok user @ivymeissner is showing us just how much no day at the beach is ever the same. 

Her video zooms in on something in the sand. It's hard to make out what it is, but after reading the text on the screen, you'll see it's actually a hermit crab exploring the beach! Apparently the hermit crab's owner wanted to bring him to the beach for an adventure day. And what an adventure it was for this fella named Fred! It's like the real-life version of Flat Stanley exploring different parts of the world. Check him out! 

O.M.G. What would you even do if you saw this at the beach?! We'd absolutely take a video just like this TikToker, but that would be after we scream at Fred's cuteness. LOL! This is just the sweetest thing ever! Don't you just love what people do for their pets?

"He's having the time of his life I just know it," commented @Mommy Milkies. Oh, absolutely! It's a whole new world for him to explore. And it's exactly like how @cocolisox put it, "It's like a day at Disneyland😌😌." And we bet getting him to leave will be a challenge. LOL! "Not the crab vacation😂," added @crystalmorty. This is truly a vacation for Fred! 

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@bam.bam06 said, "That wave made me so nervous💀 thought it was finna take that little fella OUT😭." Same! Between the seagulls and waves we were so scared, but this mom was keeping a close eye on Fred. Nothing to worry about! "Looks like not only will we have a pet snake we are getting a crab as well," wrote @cactushugger. LOL! If we started getting a pet for every time we saw a video we were obsessed with, we'd have to own a zoo at this point!

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