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Woman's Sweet Story of Taking in a Senior Dog Who Suddenly Lost Her Home Is So Moving

When you think about adopting, most people want a younger pet so they have maximum time together. But what about all the older animals? They might've had a loving home before but their owner could've got sick, making them unable to care for their bestie. And believe it or not, that happens often. So who takes care of their pets? They sometimes, unfortunately, go to a shelter. But luckily, there are people who step up to the plate. 

Take for instance TikTok user @carlyc55. She received a video text from her boyfriend's mom. The video showed a senior dog who was in need of a new home because her owner was moving to an assisted living home. The dog named Foxy was 12 and although older, she still needed a new home. So this TikToker decided to step up to the plate. Watch the video to hear about the rest of the story. It's so moving. 

Aww! This is such a heartwarming story. We're so happy they decided to take Foxy in and give her a loving home. Even though they discovered that she had a serious heart murmur, they were able to give her the new meds and the diet she needed. She'll have such a beautiful life for as long as she lives! 

"Senior rescue is surprisingly very rewarding. You gave an animal its last loving place on this earth," wrote @dogpaws7151969. Right?! And a senior rescue's love is unmatched. They will love unconditionally until the end. "Well done. What a kind thing to do for a sweet senior lady. You rock," added @user6865187993536.

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And you can just tell she's so happy to be with a loving family again. Just look at her little dances! @maryhoffman645 commented, "Yes Foxy has gone through a lot but she is smiling and so well loved." 

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