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Woman Uses Her 'Teacher Voice' to Scare Off a Bear and We Can't Stop Laughing

Sometimes, you just know you're in trouble. Maybe it's when Mom gives that stink eye or an auntie uses your full name--there are the moments that shoot pure dread into any heart. Then there's the teacher voice. Anyone who's been a student knows exactly what we're talking about: that powerful, edgy tone that can command any room. It's a warning and a time-out all at once.

It's also how Debbie Tomlinson scared off a black bear who was getting a little too comfy on her porch. Don't believe us? See it for yourself in a now-viral video posted by @nbclx on TikTok. It's just too funny!

Who knew even bears are scared of the teacher voice? Still, we don't blame him at all. We would've acted the same way if we were in his position! So would've @silverofthewoods, who wrote the most popular comment of the video. 

"Bear: sorry Miss Nancy....🥺," she wrote.  Aww, that's totally what it looks like! We do have to give the bear some credit for listening to her the first time she spoke, though. That's better than some kids! guessed it was all out of self-interest though. "He did NOT want detention! 😂" he said. Can't blame him for that!

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To be frank, this bear seemed very sorry for inconveniencing Ms. Debbie. The commenters noticed this, too! "He scooted down like he was trying to apologize as he ran away," wrote @brettburnette1, and now that he mentioned it we can totally see it. Just like @ac4773 said, "Lol he was really hurrying 😅."

The bear was booking it from Debbie's porch without a doubt, but it was pretty funny how he pushed the boundaries anyway. "He started to come back like 'wait a second I’m a bear',” said @em2shit. Exactly! Still, even that burst of confidence wasn't enough to overpower Debbie's teacher voice.

We bet she's feeling pretty good about herself after this confrontation, but let's be honest--this situation would've gone very differently if the bear found someone else's porch. "My problem is i would’ve felt bad for yelling and invited him in," admitted @333prettypisces. LOL, us too!

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