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Video of Woman and Her Dog Watching Squirrels Together Couldn't Be Sweeter

Do you ever think about how much your dog loves to watch squirrels? For some of them, it's their number one passion in life. Which is why we think it's so sweet that one woman wanted to take an interest in her Chocolate Lab's number one love and decided to join him at the window. Now that's meeting your pup at their level!

TikTok creator Gina Marino (@henry.the.chocolab) really loves her dog Henry. So much so, that she recently shared a video where the two were having some quality time doing Henry's favorite thing. "Watching for squirrels with my dog so he knows I care about his interests and hobbies," the video's text overlay reads. And yes, the footage is absolutely hilarious. 

"His nose prints on the window tho," the caption reads. 

The comments section was cracking up over Henry and Marino's squirrel watching session. "Better than hanging out with people," @thumbz2big joked. "Omg I freaking dying I thought I was the only one that did this lol," @davelichtman admitted. "Yep my Aussie hates birds. I support him by doing the same 10/10 would recommend," @mongo1202 joked. "Lol just dog owner things. I sit with my Gus in the grass in the yard and just do whatever he's doing," @lumpsofcole2 chimed in. 

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While Henry might not be able to exactly say how much his owner's gesture means to him, we're pretty sure he knows how much she cares. In fact, in another video on Marino's page she joked about canceling plans to hang out with her pup. 

And TBH, with a pup like Henry we can't even blame her.

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