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Video of Women Offering Free 'Dog Pets' Is the Sweetest Thing

We believe TikTok user @shaylajay has singlehandedly figured out how to turn any bad day upside down and we need to need to try this ASAP. You'll be wanting to test it out yourself too after you see this clip. 

It honestly doesn't take much to execute either. All you need to do is make a sign, grab a friend to join and park yourself next to a frequent dog walking path. Offer free 'dog pets' and well, the rest will be history! Check out this TikToker's test run!  

O.M.G. This is absolutely brilliant! They got to pet 11 dogs in a sitting and on the first try?! That's so impressive! We're so jealous and we gladly will be the first to admit that. LOL! "This is sooo wholesome," commented @cai_tlinlouise. It just warms our hearts so much!

@laura_ccarvalho pointed out, "The dogs read the sign first and go to you." Wait, that's actually so true. How do dogs just know!? "How does it feel to live my dream," asked @muhmuhmanray. Seriously though, this looks like the best day ever! 

This TikToker is what we like to call a true entrepreneur. "This should be a job, I would do it for free as well," said @tarakurvers. Ha! We think most people would do this job for free. Not only would it improve the worker's day, but we think the dogs would love it too. We mean, just look at their reactions in this clip. Priceless!

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