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Animal Rescuer Shows Off 'World's Smallest Goat Babies' and the Cuteness Is Too Much

There's something so precious about holding or seeing a newborn baby or animal. It's as if nothing in the world can take away from that beautiful moment. Sometimes, it's hard to even wrap your mind around how tiny they are. You might even be afraid of squeezing them too tightly because of their cuteness. But then you also don't want to stop holding them because again, they're so adorable. Get ready for that same feeling as you watch this TikTok clip with baby goats that are so tiny, they're smaller than your foot!

TikTok user @animalrescuerdawn is taking viewers on the exciting journey of tiny goat babies and their new life. When we say tiny, we mean TINY. These could be some of the world's smallest goat babies! She wrote in the caption, "Smallest goat I've ever met in all my years of farming." WHAT?! We aren't the only ones freaking out about these precious little things. Her first video has over 1 million views. Check out these mini Dwarf goats!  

OMG. They are so SO cute!! "SIZE OF A KITTEN !!!! A FRICKIN' KITTEN !!," wrote @Caelia 🌌. We've all seen kittens and puppies and how small they are after being born, but these goats are on another level of adorableness. 

"I'm coming to get them because Omg they’re cutest ever 😍," said another commenter. We wouldn't be surprised if some TikTok users actually do go and get one of these goats! There were several people in the comments asking if they were adoptable. If you're one of those people, today is your lucky day! They're up for adoption and are located in Florida.

There have been several update videos posted since this one! And the videos are even cuter!! @animalrescuedawn said these two precious goats only weigh 1.5 and 2 pounds?! 

Are you kidding me?! We want to hold them forever!