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Yellow Labrador Comforts Grandma in Hospice in Heartbreaking Yet Beautiful Video

Looking for your daily cry? Look no further than a recent video on TikTok, that really shows how dogs can change the lives of people who need them most. Sophie Swaney (@sophieswaney) wanted to make her grandmother’s day after she’d recently gone into hospice care, so she brought along a special guest — her Yellow Lab

It seems like Swaney knew exactly what her grandmother needed during what has been assuredly a hard time. “My grandmother recently moved into a hospice house, and today, I got to bring one of my babies to see her, and oh, my heart,” she wrote in the video’s onscreen text. “The most therapeutic visit for all of us,” Swaney wrote in the video’s caption. The interaction between the dog and grandmother is bringing people to tears.

Oh my goodness. This is just so beautiful, yet so heartbreaking at the same time. Other people were touched by this special moment. “This is sweet and beautiful. Prayers for your whole family. Your pup is so good,” @mrhh75 wrote. “Dogs are the best! So sweet,” @j_r0d85 agreed. “The way they look at each other. He’s so gentle with her,” @j.casey21 noted. “Your dog literally made her day!” @hollykirkpatrickt46 exclaimed.

It was so sweet that Swaney wanted to make her grandmother’s life a little easier. And we’re sure that having a dog with her gave her just enough comfort to turn around her day. Dogs don’t really need to do much and they can make things much easier to cope with.

Here’s hoping that Swaney’s grandmother has an easy hospice stay. It must be nice to know that she has an ace support team who will see her every step of the way.