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Video of Yellow Labrador Walking Through Airport Security Like a Boss Is Going Viral

With the insaneness of traveling these days, we can't imagine what it's like to bring a service dog along. There are thousands of people traveling in and out of the airport daily so one can expect the TSA line to be a nightmare. But TikTok pup @magnusthetherapydog made it through like a traveling expert. 

The creator wrote in the comments that his Yellow Labrador named Magnus was able to travel with him because he's a task-trained service dog for a severe seizure disorder. He's trained to perform deep pressure therapy to prevent seizures, the creator said. The clip shows Magnus and his owner at the security checkpoint. The owner had to go through without Magnus so Magnus waited on the other side until he called her over. And what a good boy he was. Check out this dog's pro-traveler status! 

Aww! The only thing the metal detector picked up is what @BigPapaOG3 said, "The metal detector detected a good boy." The goodest boy ever! Magnus stayed calm throughout the whole process and even sat after going through the metal detector. He was waiting for his good boy treat! 

TikTok user @truchrisx3 commented, "This must have been a tense few moments with all the distractions & strange people!! He was outstanding!!" Seriously, we're so impressed with how relaxed he was throughout the process. "Magnus out here behaving better than most humans at the airport," said @user7113721549570. HA! He didn't give TSA a hard time about removing his harness or anything, unlike many humans at the airport! 

Now take a look at how Magnus was a good boy throughout the rest of the airport! 

This is amazing! Magnus wouldn't take his eyes off his owner. So sweet! @Kane Murfin wrote, "Great leash control and y’all’s body language is on point. Absolutely awesome team and good work bro!" These two can tackle anything together!