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Yellow Labrador's Adorable Way of Asking Mom to Move His Bed in the Sun Is Everything

When it comes to our fur babies, there isn't much we wouldn't do. Luckily, their requests and desires tend to be pretty small in the grand scheme of things, so it's not as difficult as you might think to keep a pup happy. Just take this sweet video for example!

In the clip, @jasper_the_rescue_lab asks his mama to move his bed into the sunshine. It's might be the cutest thing we've seen all week, so we aren't at all surprised that she agreed to her yellow Lab's request.

What a sweet boy! We wouldn't hesitate for even a second to bring his bed where he needed it, especially when it's for sunbathing purposes. He just looks so comfy!

"Best thing I’ve seen allll day," agreed @fulltimescorpi0. Who wouldn't love a blissed-out pup? Jasper knows precisely where he wants his bed, and he's mastered the art of telekinetically controlling his mom. Like it says in the video description, she's trained very well! 

As it turns out, she's a great shopper, too. Viewer @justinealvarado11 asked, "Awe so cute! Where did you get the bed?" and now we're dying to know ourselves. Luckily, Jasper's mom didn't keep anyone waiting!

"Thanks! The bed is from Orvis!" she replied. Now any pup can be as comfy as this Lab. They'll still need to find their own spot in the sunshine, though. As @curtisssmithhh explained, "it’s called a sun puddle." IMO, a name like that makes it even cuter!

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