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Sweet Yellow Lab Refuses to Eat His Treat Unless He Can Share With Mom

Meet @burleythomas, the sweetest, best sharer, good boy there is. We are in love with him! In a newTikTok video, the Yellow Lab is seen sharing his cookie with his mom. From our own experience, it's rare for a dog to share his treat. But Burley is one of a kind.  

He keeps taking pretend bites to make sure his mom gets some of the cookie. Plus, his tail keeps wagging like he wants to share. Aww! We can't stop watching! The clip has TikTok users all in agreement that Burley is a gentleman and one very good boy. Now, if only he could teach our dogs how to be this sweet and share their treats. 

What a sweet, sweet baby! @GCardenas asked, "How did u figure that he was sharing? So cute." The creator said that he has been doing this since he was a puppy. "Even when he was a baby, he would turn his head to the side until I pretended to take a bite 😂," the mom said. It's even more adorable because he'll only share with mom. Stop it. We can't handle the cuteness! "Aww, love him the fake bites, too cute," wrote @Suz Corgs. 

But eventually, Burley knows the treat is all for him and runs to the other room so he doesn't have to share anymore! @Jessicarose commented, "The way he runs away like, ‘No take backs!!!’ 😂." 

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 "That's the 1st lab I've ever seen that opted to share. Mine do their best at making me feel awful about eating anything in front of them," another commenter said. How come we have to share our food but our dogs won't share with us?! Maybe Burley needs to consider charging for etiquette lessons.

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