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Mom's Hilarious Attempt to Do Yoga With Her Bernese Mountain Dog Is Just the Best

We bet that any yogi would tell you yoga is a quiet time where you focus on centering yourself. The movement and breath work is a full-on exercise that also provides a sense of relaxation. Sounds great right? That is if you have the space to do it! For those of you who have kids or pets, it might not be as simple to get quiet time for a yoga session. Just take TikTok user @grizzly.bane's experience for example. 

Instead of going to a yoga studio, this TikToker decided to do a session herself in her backyard. She bought out her mat, set it up on the deck and was just about to get started when her doggo stepped in. That didn't stop her though. She continued on with her movements. And every new movement was met with her Bernese Mountain Dog attempting to join in. At least it made for an interesting class! 

LMAO! She couldn't get one move in without her doggo butting in. Very energetically we might add! We think it's because the dog thought to take on the role of the instructor. "She's correcting your form," said @smstlouis. Exactly! The pup was just trying to do what was best for you. Is that too much to ask for?! 

On the plus side, this TikToker didn't give up even with the distracting dog. LOL! As @god_the_builder said, "Still kind of a workout." Honestly, she did it better with the dog than we'd do without! @Laura Mackaness added, "The core strength you need to stay upright doing yoga with a dog 😂." We can only imagine! So maybe if people want a more challenging yoga class they need a dog to do it with? LOL!

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"See, aren't you relaxed now 😳," asked @mtf_obi_ash. HA! Yeah sure, if that's what you call relaxing! 

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