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Video of Yorkie Seeing His 'Daughter' Off to School Is Moving People to Tears

Your pet is like a member of the family. Although, we often tend to think of them like a sibling or a child. In one family, their pet Yorkie is protective like a parent. Or in other words he’s a pet papa, meaning he treats the human kids like they’re his own puppies.

Video of the Yorkie playing dad has blown up on TikTok, after he was caught on a special morning trip to taking his “kid” to the bus. “He takes my baby to the bus EVERY single morning to make sure she makes it safely,” his mom @golden.peach.tea wrote in the video’s caption. Just seeing his little legs running back home after the bus closes its doors is melting our hearts! Too cute!

 More than 1 million people have watched the Yorkie’s school bus drop off. And yes, people are cracking up. “Ma’am that is his baby not yours anymore,” @nothingnicee__ teased. “He said, ‘Now you take real good care of my girl,’” @prillls joked. “Not him standing there to make sure your baby got on ok,” @shanyyyyland added. “See I always knew dogs are human,” @chanelbandz522 wrote.

The @golden.peach.tea wasn’t joking when she said her dog takes her daughter to the school bus every single day. In a second video on her page, @golden.peach.tea first showed herself opening their front door. Then all of the sudden, BOOM, both her dog and her daughter flew out to greet the bus. “It goes a lil’ something like this everyday,” she wrote in the caption.

It must be nice to a second in command like this little guy. He'd definitely be the cutest member of the PTA, that's for sure.