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Yorkie Leaves 'Costco' Like He Totally Knows the Drill and We're Here For It

Who doesn't love Costco? No one! That's who. The wholesale retailer definitely has its fans, including a Yorkie named Noah who was so familiar with the family routine that he probably could do a shopping run by himself. 

The dog got a lot of love on TikTok for a video where he and his owner were leaving the store. As longtime Costco fans know all too well, you always need to get your receipt checked before leaving. And Noah knew that too! "Alright Noah, give up your receipt!" his dad, @noahtheyorkie, tells him as they get up to the Costco staff member. Adorably, Noah had the receipt tucked into his harness, ready to go. The Costco employee was so very thrilled to see Noah and her reaction to him is everything. 

"You want to check that receipt or pet me," the caption jokes.

With over 230,000 views, it's clear that everyone was happy to see Costco's favorite shopper. "I would take Noah and leave the receipt," @thenameisalekhya kidded. "Soooo cute!! Noah went shopping! Did you bring us any good Costco snacks?" @sensiblyyou wondered. "Noah understood the assignment what a good boy!" @sobersaruhh praised. "That was probably the best part of her day," @ankhkitty_13 wrote. 

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Although one commenter was just a bit confused. "Pets allowed? I went to Costco here in San Diego w my mini-Schnauzer and they said no pets allowed."

But Noah's owner advised people to check in before trying to bring in their own pets. "I had him in his bag and I asked for permission prior to bringing him," he explained. 

Which is good news for pet owners everywhere. Now you never have to shop without your best friend!

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