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Yorkie's Over-the-Top Reaction to Seeing a Squirrel Outside Is Just the Best

We all have things that make us angry. Some of us might get frustrated by bad drivers, others might get mad when their roommates don't wash the dishes properly. This one Yorkie's pet peeve is squirrels, and he is sure to let them know about it.

Recently, @spartytheyorkie posted a TikTok video showing how he reacts when he sees squirrels and let's just say... we're happy we aren't on the receiving end of that vitriol. Sparty the Yorkie spots the squirrel through a glass door and gives it a demonstration of what's going to happen if the squirrel isn't gone by the time he gets outside. Check out the video to see all of Sparty's squirrel induced rage.

Oh wow, that is one fired up pup! The way that Yorkie ripped into that shoe was seriously personal. In a past life, Sparty must have been seriously wronged by a gang of evil squirrels.

The people in the comments are so amused by Sparty's behavior and are imagining his reasoning for going bezerk. @8o8robs said, 'Dog was like “See this shoe? This is you when I get out of this house,"' and @linadollz commented, "He is just showing the squirrel what he’s planning to do." Sparty needed to lay down the law for this squirrel and make sure it knew who ran the yard!

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Some made light heartiest suggestions, like @danagiannamamabearpa, who commented, "Anger management classes, maybe?" Others expressed sympathy for the innocent shoe who took the brunt of the aggression. @jtoupin1 said, "That poor shoe, it never stood a chance." Maybe this family should keep a collection of cheap shoes near the door for Sparty to attack in leu of squirrels.

All we can say is, those squirrels in the neighborhood better hope they don't run into Sparty!

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