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Adorable Boys Rescue Kitten and Parents' Reaction Is Everything

Animal lovers can't help but want to make a difference when they see an animal in trouble. This is a noble trait to have, and it's incredibly wonderful when you see it in young children. 

Empathy and compassion are all traits we want our kids to have, and if your own kids are exhibiting this type of behavior, you're doing parenting right. Two young boys discovered a feral kitten and their reaction is everything. 

TikTok user @Bryanlanning posted this sweet video, and he should be so proud of his sons! 

We just love a happy ending! We're not crying, you're crying! @Izzy comments, "The cat chose him…that’s his cat now and you can’t say other wise." @Izzyhilger adds, "I think you should name it destiny or fate cause it's similar to the name karma and I truly believe it's a gift from karma." @4aims says, "That cat really chose him, they formed a bond straight away which is very odd with cats especially ones off the street." 

Here's hoping these boys have many wonderful years with their new pet and the lessons they've learned about helping stray animals stay with them throughout their lives. 

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